• Sberbank added to the list of our references

    December 9th, 2015

    Earlier this year we started working on a project for Sberbank, one of the leading financial institutions worldwide. It is the largest bank in Russia, accounting for almost one third of the aggregate assets of the Russian banking sector. The Bank has the largest banking network in Russia with almost 17,000 branches as well as subsidiaries in 22 countries and its international operations include UK, US, CIS, Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey.

    We’re not allowed to disclose any details of this project, other than the fact that we’re supporting Sberbank’s Croatian subsidiary in the implementation of a new multi-channel platform, the ultimate goal of which is to improve customer experience and increase efficiency.

    If you’d like to know more about some of our clients and ongoing and past projects, you can browse them here.

  • MultiPlusCard mobile apps go live

    November 27th, 2015

    On November 23rd another mobile app came out of our little workshop. Actually, to be more precise, two apps came out: an Android and an iOS app for MultiPlusCard, the largest Croatian coalition loyalty program. MultiPlusCard received international recognition in the recent years as the winner of the Loyalty Awards 2014 in the category of „Best Coupon or Voucher Based Loyalty Programme“. It was also one of the finalists in two categories in 2015: „Best Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a Loyalty Environment” and „Best Use of Customer Analytics/Data in a loyalty programme”. These awards are awarded annually by the UK-based Loyalty Magazine.

    We’ve previously developed a very similar app for SuperKartica, a MultiPlusCard’s Serbian-based sister company. MultiPlusCard mobile apps for iOS and Android were previously developed and maintained by another company, so while we redesigned these apps and built them on a completely new code base, they are seen by their users as an upgrade to pre-existing apps. More prominent app features include storing the bar code of one’s loyalty card, sharing loyalty cards between family members, overview of points collected and associated purchases and details of available member benefits. Some additional features are still in the works and we believe this app is becoming a must-have for all smartphone-owning MultiPlusCard members.

  • hybris workshop held for Ingemark employees

    July 22nd, 2015

    As you may already know, hybris is an SAP company best known for its omnichannel commerce and Product Content Management (PCM) software. Its hybris Commerce platform is consistently rated as one of the leading e-commerce platforms by all relevant research reports.

    hybris Commerce is built on modern technologies such as Java and Spring, which we all know and love. As an SAP partner, we focus on SAP’s Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC) line of products and are continuously working on building our hybris competences. As a part of this effort and in cooperation with SAP Croatia, last week we organized a four-day hybris workshop which gave our employees a chance to further improve their knowledge of hybris.

    FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) in Zagreb was chosen as the venue for this workshop not only for sentimental reasons, although most of our employees graduated there, but also as a symbolic announcement of future cooperation between Ingemark and FER. While we have a long history of good cooperation with FER, we play to further improve it in the coming academic year, so stay tuned…

  • We got rid of our only minus.

    May 15th, 2015

    Well, it was more of a hyphen, really.

    We officially changed our name from Inge-mark to Ingemark. Consequently, we also changed our primary domain to, so please update your address books if you happen to have some of our e-mail addresses there.

    The main reason for the change was the fact that there was some confusion about how to write our name (Inge-mark, Inge-Mark, IngeMark, Inge mark etc.). We hope this simplifies things a bit: one word with only initial letter capitalized, as you’d expect from a proper name.

    Also, this simplifies typing our name, especially when doing that on an on-screen keyboard of a mobile device, as you no longer have to search for the hyphen. So we just saved you a millisecond or two of your life, because that’s what we do – we’re just good guys who make your life easier.