MultiPlusCard mobile apps go live

November 27th, 2015

On November 23rd another mobile app came out of our little workshop. Actually, to be more precise, two apps came out: an Android and an iOS app for MultiPlusCard, the largest Croatian coalition loyalty program. MultiPlusCard received international recognition in the recent years as the winner of the Loyalty Awards 2014 in the category of „Best Coupon or Voucher Based Loyalty Programme“. It was also one of the finalists in two categories in 2015: „Best Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a Loyalty Environment” and „Best Use of Customer Analytics/Data in a loyalty programme”. These awards are awarded annually by the UK-based Loyalty Magazine.

We’ve previously developed a very similar app for SuperKartica, a MultiPlusCard’s Serbian-based sister company. MultiPlusCard mobile apps for iOS and Android were previously developed and maintained by another company, so while we redesigned these apps and built them on a completely new code base, they are seen by their users as an upgrade to pre-existing apps. More prominent app features include storing the bar code of one’s loyalty card, sharing loyalty cards between family members, overview of points collected and associated purchases and details of available member benefits. Some additional features are still in the works and we believe this app is becoming a must-have for all smartphone-owning MultiPlusCard members.