Products & Services

Our core business is custom software development, which is to say that our clients come to us when no existing off-the-shelf software suits their needs. We then learn about what our clients’ problems are create software which solves them.

For a lot of our clients we do everything from requirements analysis and a detailed functional specification of the solution, over project management and the actual software development to testing and support. There are those clients, however, who prefer to outsource only parts of this process to us.

There are also those who prefer to have us provide individual experts or teams entirely managed by their personnel. This option provides our clients with a cost-effective way to temporarily include highly skilled people with distinct expertise for work on their projects. General profiles of our specialists working in this arrangement include:

  • Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Project managers
  • Programmers
  • Testers
  • System Administrators

In addition to developing software in a project-oriented manner for each individual customer, we also use our extensive in-house knowledge to develop solutions which solve some of the problems we run into time and time again in various industries. While these solutions can be perceived as off-the-shelf software, we can easily customize them to specific needs of our clients. These solutions include:

  • Retail Solutions

    Through our work with some of the largest retail chains in our region we developed a clear vision of some of the ways in which technology can improve their efficiency, as well as gained a clear insight into the latest trends in the retail industry. We have produced a number of solutions which help our clients in this industry take advantage of e-Commerce as the new sales and marketing channel and help them automate and increase efficiency of some of their existing processes.

    If you wish to browse our projects that are based on Retail Solutions, please follow this link.

  • StreetMark – Address Validation and Geocoding

    Our extensive in-house knowledge on topics of address validation and geocoding is acquired through working with clients from the delivery and logistics industry, where invalid addresses directly impact effectiveness and costs of their core business. We have used our knowledge and experience to provide the address validation and geocoding service under the brand StreetMark, combining advanced algorithms developed in-house with reference data provided by the most relevant geographic roadmap data providers worldwide.


    Loyalty programs, e-Commerce sites, financial institutions and other companies maintain large databases of their client contact information, which includes their physical address of residence. These addresses are often written in an invalid or inconsistent form and can include a number of mistakes, ranging from simple typos to wrong ZIP codes or wrong city areas. This can cause a lot of problems with automated analytics based on geographical data as well as prevent postal delivery to these addresses.

    Address Validation is a process of checking whether an address exists and correcting it as needed, while Geocoding is a process of determining its longitude and latitude position coordinates. Geocoded addresses, especially if used in combination with other demographic client data, are an integral part of making the right business decisions. They can help answer fundamental business questions such as "Where should we open a new shop and what should be its assortment?" and "Where should we put the ATM machine and which bills should we fill it with?".

    If you wish to browse our projects that are based on StreetMark – Address Validation and Geocoding, please follow this link.

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    Our EDI solutions are used by some of the largest companies in our region, who prefer it for its proven robustness and flexibility as well as our transparent pricing.


    As companies, especially large ones, exchange a large number of documents (e.g. purchase orders, invoices and shipping notices), doing so in a standard way directly between companies’ computer systems without any human interaction makes a lot of sense. This concept, called Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), greatly cuts down on the time and effort needed by the personnel on both sides to process these documents, eliminates the possibility of human error in processing them, simplifies sorting, distribution, searching and storing documents and greatly reduces cycle times.

    If you wish to browse our projects that are based on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), please follow this link.

  • VoIP Solutions

    While VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) became a household term in the recent years with the advent of companies such as Skype and Viber, it also became the de-facto standard in enterprise telephony through IP PBX and similar solutions. We have built a number of call centers, hotel telephony systems and similar solutions using underlying open source software such as Asterisk and some custom developed integration software. As strong believers in open source and giving back to the community, we published some of our own code and made it available to the general public on our GitHub page.

    If you wish to browse our projects that are based on VoIP Solutions, please follow this link.