Senior JavaScript Developer

Who Are We Looking For?

If you’re a JavaScript developer with 5 or more years of experience and

Ingemark might be the perfect place for you! Our JavaScript development is focused on rich-client frontend applications based on (but not limited to) the Angular framework.

Why Join Ingemark?

We’re kind of old school.

We don’t have a foosball or a ping-pong table. We don’t even have a gaming console in our office.

We don’t put a lot of effort in enabling our team members to have fun while away from their desks, we try to make sure they have fun while they do the actual work. We try to make sure members of our team work on projects they find interesting, using technologies they love to use.  We do our best to make sure people help each other, knowledge is shared and we all grow as experts and as people. We do our best to make sure everybody feels at home when they’re in the office, but also that everyone can go home as soon as office hours are done.

If that sounds like a place you could fit into, you may want to contact us.

How Do I Apply?

Drop us an email with your CV and name of the position you’re applying for. A motivational letter is optional.

We will keep your application data after the vacancy you applied for is closed in order to inform you or to invite you for an interview in case of future open vacancies or opportunities in our firm. In case you do not want us to keep your data for such purposes, please emphasize that in your application.