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Who is the controller of the personal data collected on this web page?

The controller of personal data collected on this web page is INGEMARK d.o.o. having its registered seat in Zagreb, Palinovečka 29, registered with the Court Registry of the Commercial Court in Zagreb, PIN: 02854892746.

In which way is the personal data collected by the controller on this web page?

This web page collects personal data via internet cookies and via contact form.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that a web page that you visit stores on your computer. The cookies are neither directed to spying of you as a user, nor represent a malware code or virus. Some of the cookies are intended for the marketing purposes, some of them are not. Information such as your name and other information enabling your identification will not be stored. Web page cannot have access to your personal information of files in your computer.

Which cookies are used on this web page?

We use these cookies in order to make this web page functional, i.e. that you can browse it and use all its possibilities normally. For example, these cookies enable the moving on web page or they are necessary to send the inquiry via contact form functionally. Also, these are so-called „session cookies“, meaning that they are placed on your computer only during your visit to this web page, after which they are deleted.

This web page has Google Analytics tools turned on, provider of which is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States of America. This tool uses the analytical cookies that collect your IP address, the time of the visit to the web page, as well as the time spent on it, the data about specific content you approached on the web page and the data about the model of the machine from which you approach to the web page. The aim of using this tool is to, without discovering your identity, establish the statistics of visiting the web page in order to understand which contents you like the most, to develop the web page accordingly and to make it, as much as possible, adapted to your needs. These cookies are stored in your computer 14 months after which they are deleted automatically, unless you delete them by yourself by adapting the properties of your web browser.

Our web page uses Hubspot Tracking Tool, provider of which is a company HubSpot, having its seat in 25 First Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The aim of using this tool is to, without discovering your identity, establish what type of visitors browses our web page which enables us to develop and adapt this web page in order to be useful and attractive for the targeted group.

This web page uses Facebook Pixel, provider of which is Facebook Inc, 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California, United States of America. The purpose of these cookies is remarketing and retargeting of our web-page visitors. This means that Facebook “remembers”our web page if you visited it at the time when you were logged in Facebook simultaneously, as well as other web pages that you have visited, in accordance to which Facebook creates a targeted group of users to whom it shows certain advertisements according to their interests.

We do not collect your personal data with which we can identify you directly, such as user name, email address etc. Even more, in relation to your personal data collected by these cookies, we use the features such as anonymization of your IP address, the goal of which is to achieve that the possibility of your identification is as difficult as possible.

How can you manage cookies?

Functional cookies

You do not have a possibility to manage the functional cookies by adapting the properties of your browser. Using the functional cookies is a necessary prerequisite for visiting our web page and in relation to them the consent is not collected.

Other types of cookies

With respect to the other types of cookies, you can accept or refuse some or all of them by adapting the features of your web browser. On further links you can find the directions how to change cookies features on some of most often used web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari. Some of web browsers enable the surfing in the „anonymous“ manner, limiting the amount of the data stored on your computer in which the permanent cookies stored on your computer are automatically deleted after you finish the browsing session. There are many third parties’ applications that you can add to your browser in order to block or manage the cookies. You can also delete cookies which have priorly been store in your browser by choosing the option for deleting the browsing history where you can turn on the option for deletion of the cookies. Further information regarding the cookies and adapting the properties of your browser you can find on

Personal data collected via contact form

Personal data which you send via contact form will be visible and available only to the authorized persons of the controller and controller will process them in the time period and according to the purpose with which the inquiry or message was sent via contact form. Your contact data which you send over the contact form will be processed with the purpose of sending the response to your inquiry.

Realization of rights

Information on collection of your personal data on this web page, as well as requests for the realization of your rights related to data protection you can achieve by sending the inquiry via contact form on this web page or by sending an email to

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