Croatian Telecom – EDI

Hrvatski Telekom d.d. ("Croatian Telekom plc") is the leading provider of telecommunications services in Croatia and is a majority-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. In its efforts to offer new digital technologies which would allow its users to provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities, Hrvatski Telekom decided to offer an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) intermediary services on the market. Learn more

GS1 Croatia – GlobeCat

GS1 is a not-for-profit organisation that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. The best known of these standards is the "barcode", a symbol printed on products that can be scanned electronically. GS1 Croatia, the Croatian national member organization of the GS1, wanted to help companies in Croatia and abroad exchange standardized and synchronized product data with their trading partners. Learn more


CloudSense is a company focused on Salesforce technologies. They provide their own products on the Salesforce platform that configure price quotes, order management, and e-commerce. Their most essential tools enable VR companies to sell their digital space. CloudSense needed to outsource some of its development work to facilitate information flow between their platform and the ad server. Learn more

Gencove / New York Genome Center

Gencove is a health and life sciences technology company spun out of the New York Genome Center and focused on democratizing access to genome sequencing technologies. Their clients use Gencove's core low-pass sequencing product to ascertain the genetic makeup of populations in a cost effective manner because it provides orders of magnitude more data than legacy technology (e.g., SNP arrays) at equal or lower cost. Common users of their technology are pharma companies, biotechs, and research universities like GSK, Kallyope, Stanford, and Harvard University. Learn more

RoomOrders Inc., a US based startup, wanted to make a web app hotel guests could use for ordering room service online using their own devices from any hotel they stay in. The requirement was for the app to be accessible from virtually any Internet-connected device and to be very scalable, as it could potentially be used to handle a large number of room service orders in a number of hotels all over the world. Learn more

Konzum is the leading retail chain in Croatia and, with over 11.000 employees, one of the biggest employers in Croatia. Over 650.000 people shop in its 600+ retail locations every day. As one of pioneers in e-Commerce in the region, Konzum started its online operations in 2002 and, looking toward a more customizable solution, turned to Ingemark in 2006. Konzum's requirements included a highly customizable platform, which would give them the flexibility to establish themselves not only as a pioneer in food and groceries online business, but also as a long-term leader. Learn more

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