CloudSense is a company focused on Salesforce technologies. They provide their own products on the Salesforce platform that configure price quotes, order management, and e-commerce. Their most essential tools enable VR companies to sell their digital space.
CloudSense needed to outsource some of its development work to facilitate information flow between their platform and the ad server.


CloudSense asked Ingemark to provide Java and Node.js experts to augment the CloudSense team on three separate projects: one was an integration between CloudSense products, which reside in Salesforce and the Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) server; the second was a middleware that would enable businesses to create highly configurable shops within the Salesforce environment; and the third was building a concept for a testing automation framework.


Ingemark’s experts were embedded into CloudSense internal team, spent significant time in their offices and behaved as regular employees. According to CloudSense, these experts provided high quality solution designs and expertise in generic technologies, solution design, and AWS. Perhaps most notably, as CloudSense previously had very little experience in creating test frameworks for their products, the foundation Ingemark set up helped them scale their automated testing.

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