Gencove / New York Genome Center


Gencove is a health and life sciences technology company spun out of the New York Genome Center and focused on democratizing access to genome sequencing technologies. Their clients use Gencove’s core low-pass sequencing product to ascertain the genetic makeup of populations in a cost effective manner because it provides orders of magnitude more data than legacy technology (e.g., SNP arrays) at equal or lower cost. Common users of their technology are pharma companies, biotechs, and research universities like GSK, Kallyope, Stanford, and Harvard University.



Ingemark developed a responsive web application for Gencove to manage cutting-edge genome sequencing projects from project initiation to data delivery. Customers use the application to monitor the status of their samples from acceptance in the lab through laboratory processing, sequencing, and genomic data delivery.


Not only has the web app significantly decreased the amount of overhead Gencove experiences managing genome sequencing projects, but the simplicity of getting genomic data at Gencove has also become a reason for their customers to come back and even recommend new customers.

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