Konzum is the leading retail chain in Croatia and, with over 11.000 employees, one of the biggest employers in Croatia. Over 650.000 people shop in its 600+ retail locations every day.

As one of pioneers in e-Commerce in the region, Konzum started its online operations in 2002 and, looking toward a more customizable solution, turned to Ingemark in 2006.

Konzum’s requirements included a highly customizable platform, which would give them the flexibility to establish themselves not only as a pioneer in food and groceries online business, but also as a long-term leader.


Ever since 2006, Ingemark has supported Konzum by developing the e-Commerce platform Konzum bases their online operations on. Over the years this platform has seen a number of redesigns and has been implemented using various technologies.

The current solution is developed in Ruby on Rails and based on Spree Commerce and ComfortableMexicanSofa. New improvements an upgrades, both in terms of functionalities and underlying technologies, are constantly in the works. Since 2019 Konzum.hr is hosted in Amazon AWS and fully managed by Ingemark, greatly adding to platform’s reliability and scalability.


Konzum’s online operations currently employ over 160 people and have over 155.000 registered users and this number continues to grow at a rate of around  20% per year.

While Croatian e-Commerce market is estimated at 500 million Euro, groceries market being 5% of that, Konzum.hr has already almost reached this potential singlehandedly.

Encouraged by these results, Fortenova Group, the majority owner of Konzum, decided to use the same platform developed by Ingemark for all of its FMCG e-Commerce operations in the region.

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