RoomOrders Inc., a US based startup, wanted to make a web app hotel guests could use for ordering room service online using their own devices from any hotel they stay in.

The requirement was for the app to be accessible from virtually any Internet-connected device and to be very scalable, as it could potentially be used to handle a large number of room service orders in a number of hotels all over the world.


Ingemark developed the web app using Ruby on Rails and based on Spree Commerce, an open source eCommerce platform. We also developed Android and iOS companion mobile apps, which can be used by hotel staff to be notified of these orders and manage them quickly and efficiently.

The platform is deployed on Amazon AWS, leveraging its flexibility and scalability, to ensure high availability and stability of service to its users.


After completing a few very successful pilot projects in hotels in USA and Europe, where RoomOrders received universal acclaim by hotel restaurant operators, they went on to roll out their service globally. As the service managed to improve guest experience while increasing average order value by around 30%, the service provides an obvious added value to hotel restaurant operators worldwide.

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