US-Based Medical Devices Company

Integration platform

Do you have Java developers? - was the question that started a seemingly simple web commerce engagement, which soon turned into a permanent collaboration. Today, Ingemark's experts are an indispensable part of this client's development team, and very often we propose solutions that help the client achieve his business goals.

US-Based Medical Devices Company US-Based Medical Devices Company

webshop for medical systems

Implementing a better e-commerce solution

The client has a well-established webshop for medical systems sales in North America (the USA and Canada) and decided to expand its business to Europe, for which Ingemark was hired. The original European solution was focused exclusively on the British market, and the development and implementation of the model took a relatively short time, considering that it was a kind of transfer of the North American model. In about a year, the webshop was fully established in the British market, after which the model was extended to part of Europe.

These were new markets for the client and a new business model because they are exclusively present on them through an e-commerce solution. At first, it was about the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, which is monolithic and robust, and it soon became clear that an upgrade and modernization of this non-scalable, expensive, and slow application would be necessary. At the beginning of last year (2021), the process of implementing a better e-commerce solution was started.

MACH architecture

Ingemark had experience with similar challenges in the domestic market as well (for example, a similar principle was implemented for Konzum), and we suggested a Cloud-native approach, implementing the MACH architecture.

Technologies built on MACH principles (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless) are modular, pluggable, and scalable and provide a foundation that ensures that the company’s architecture is continuously evolving. This business architecture offers the flexibility to choose from the best tools available today and makes it easy to add, replace or remove technologies at any time.

The migration The migration

The migration

In this way, several smaller, more flexible applications were developed that can be further developed independently instead of one large application. The process of creating and implementing the new architecture is now in full swing, and it is expected that by the end of next year it should come to life both on the British and European markets, as well as on the North American one. The migration of European users to the new system has proven to be the most challenging segment in the implementation so far, while the other segments run quite smoothly.

This was a big challenge for the client, but Ingemark proved to be up to this complex task, considering that we actively participated in the construction and reimplementation of the client’s complete platform. We also participate in testing the automation of a new e-commerce solution, and through the implementation of this project, we learned something new ourselves and discovered Harness, with which we entered into a partnership and whose tool we used in the CI segment. Confluent and Kafka tools were also used, and when it comes to security on the infrastructure side, we decided on Apigee technology.

In conclusion, we can say that this is a successful collaboration, even a partnership, on something that has grown from a simple request into a complex project, because the client has been successfully implementing our solutions for almost a year.

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