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ZorroTunes is a multi-device audio service specialising in streaming regional music content, from anywhere via Favourite Device.

ZorroTunes ZorroTunes


Regional music platform

The team at ZorroTunes, aggregator of major record labels in Croatia with 70% share of Croatian discography and strong relationships with all regional major record labels, came to us in 2018 with the idea of developing a regional music streaming platform.

The requirement was to develop a cloud-based application for streaming audio on web browsers, mobile phones and tablets (Android and iOS). The end-to-end solution must include everything from infrastructure, configuration, billing engine, analytics, reporting and configuration, and support multiple monetization models.

Research & Sketching
Research & Sketching
Spree Commerce Spree Commerce


Spree Commerce

Ingemark developed the backend application using Ruby on Rails and based on Spree Commerce, an open source eCommerce platform. The front-end application was developed using Angular. The open source ad system Revive was used for the ad server.

We also developed mobile apps for Android and iOS. All streaming clients use a custom-built player. The platform is deployed on Amazon AWS to ensure high availability and stability of the service for its users.



Audio streaming service

The platform was integrated with the Believe distribution system for automatic ingest.

Mobile applications were released in May 2019 and an application with a web player in May 2020. The applications are continuously developed and new functionalities are added.

https://www.ingemark.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/47.png https://www.ingemark.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/47.png

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