Ingemark Receives Clutch Leader Award for Top Developers in Croatia

Clutch, a globally-recognized ratings and reviews platform, recently announced in leader’s list of top-performing software development companies in Eastern Europe. We’re proud to share that we were ranked by Clutch as one of the premier development firms in Croatia! This accolade bolsters our reputation as a firm that performs… Continue reading

Using Ansible for software deployment

Software development and its architecture have evolved a lot since their beginnings. In 2005, when I started working in software development, all of our applications were built as monoliths. Features where added into the same code base of the application and deployed as a single unit. Deployment was done by… Continue reading

AssertJ – fluent assertions for Java

AssertJ is an open source Java library for writing fluent assertions in your test code. It’s an alternative to built-in assertions from the Junit testing framework or matchers from the Hamcrest library. It can help you write assertions that are more readable and closer to natural language. AssertJ API is… Continue reading

Continuous Delivery and Code Quality

Developing software is often said to have two aspects: doing The Right Thing, and doing The Thing right. Lean-software development principles and Continuous delivery, which we both practice at Ingemark, address these aspects very effectively. The central idea of continuous delivery is ensuring that the software can be reliably… Continue reading

Why touch-typing is good for programmers

Wikipedia defines touch-typing as typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys. I always thought touch-typing was cool and therefore it just had to be good but it took me a while to figure out what the main benefit of touch-typing was. If touch-typing makes you type… Continue reading

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